Veterans Care

Over the entire history of our country, veterans have courageously defended our rights and freedom that we often take for granted. The sacrifices they have made are great, from the ultimate sacrifice to traumatic injury, pain, and mental distress. The pain that veterans carry with them is often misunderstood and therefore mistreated. Whether physical, mental, or both, Revival Pain Management wants our veterans to know that we can help. Our mission is to provide resources and options for the best pain management for veterans. Revival Pain Management is proudly contracted with Tricare.

North Carolina Pain Management for Veterans

Living with chronic pain is challenging and debilitating. Whether pain from a physical injury or mental anguish from PTSD, we understand your pain is real and restricting your life. We often try to deal with pain on our own, thinking that if we “tough it out” that it will simply go away. However, if your pain lasts, you may become trapped in a vicious cycle of muscle loss, avoidance, loss of normal function, and negative feelings. Additional costs may include strained relationships, job loss, problems with depression and low self-esteem, less time with family, fewer valued activities, lower quality of life, and over time, even more pain. This is why pain management for veterans is so important.

Dr. Novembre talks about how much Veterans mean to us

At Revival, we understand the challenges that veterans face with pain of all kinds, and we have the resources to help you return to a better way of life. No one approach is enough to help with pain by itself. Chronic pain must be addressed from many directions by experienced professionals. Our goal is to thank veterans by giving you the freedom and way of life that you gave to us.

The Novembre Family - A Legacy of Service as Soldiers and Firefighters

Three Generations of Military Service Continues

We understand veterans because we are veterans. The Novembre family has been serving our country in the service for three generations.

It began with five brothers from New Jersey who felt a need to give back to the country that had given their family so much. They enlisted in nearly all branches of the military, Army, Navy, and Marines. Fighting in some of the most decisive battles of World War II and Korea, several of the brothers were highly decorated for valor, and some received the Purple Heart. Luckily, all five brothers returned home to their country and family.

The Novembre family has continued to serve our county to this very day. 

Dr. Emidio Novembre, our pain management physician, served as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corp. For everyone at Revival Pain Management, giving back to our service members is one of our most important missions, but for Dr. Novembre is even more personal.

Fighting Fires, Saving Lives and Property

In addition to distinguished military service, the Novembre family also has a legacy as first responders by serving as firefighters. Distinguishing themselves in the line of duty, they have been honored for their bravery. Here is one such example:

On July 9, 1970, while seeking to rescue a trapped family, firefighter Captain Anthony Novembre leapt from the third floor fire escape of a burning building located at 41st St. and Kennedy Blvd. in Union City, New Jersey, just as it collapsed under the destruction of fire. Another firefighter perished in the fire. As a result of his heroic actions and excellent performance, Captain Novembre, a former paratrooper in the United States Army, was awarded the public safety medal from Union City on November 12th, 1970.


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It should not be surprising that we love veterans as well as first responders at Revival Pain Management. We understand the pain and trauma that you can experienced having served in the military or a high stress. civilian service job. We want all of our veterans to know, no matter in what capacity they served, that you can find understanding and quality care here.

If you are a veteran or first responder in need of relief from pain of any kind, please contact Revival Pain Management today.